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Up to 50% of realtors will leave the industry in 2023.

Let's avoid you being one of them!

Like it or not, the Real Estate Market is changing based on the economy, interest rates and more...

All of the experts agree that the key to success in 2023 will be MINDSET!

Do you question whether your business is worth the stress, anxiety, massive actions, endless hours, frustration of following all the to-do's realtors are told they must do to be successful?

This is your opportunity to understand how to get your mindset into alignment with what you desire most for your business, and live in more freedom with

Systems of Accelerating Habits unique to your individuality.

Stop sacrificing your freedom with minimal results while trying to build your business.

This Membership will help you grow your business 25% or more, year over year, regardless of the economy AND afford you to take back your freedom!

  • Scale your business by 25% or more annually, regardless of the economy.

  • Take control of your schedule, versus it controlling you.

  • End burnout once and for all, with a healthy life balance.

  • Live in more control instead of feeling overwhelmed, and wrestling with time management.

  • Gain direction, tools, support, accountability, and inspiration to bring about immediate changes.

  • Stop building your business on an island and be part of a bigger community.

  • Increase your business and gain more freedom in your everyday life.

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the Revolutionary Realtor Exclusive Membership

You too will be making statements like...

"My 2021 goal was $10.5M...In working with Joey, I achieved over $22M by the end of the year!"

"For the first time in my life, I've been able to take 5 whole weeks off while achieving my highest income year in 16 years in real estate!"

"My real estate business is thriving. I'm never looking back!"

"Ever since working with Joseph, I have seen a lot more 'SOLD' signs!"

"In one week, I received more solid leads, than I did in six months prior...This makes real estate so easy!"

"Joey has proven that total mindset alignment achieves greater results than traditional methods. and does so in a shorter period of time."


Yes...I've been featured in Fox, NBC, and CBS, along with being named one of the Top Business Coaches in America for two consecutive years...Big deal, right??

What drives me and gives my life passion is helping realtors become more successful, while gaining more freedom of time with their family and personal lives.

As a former VP of Sales over multiple corporations, I have used my extensive sales and business experience to help hundreds of clients across America to explode their real estate business and generate high-levels of income while creating even greater balance and more freedom in all areas of their life.

I know first hand the sadness and heart break of missing my only son's 1st birthday, while I was out killing myself, taking "massive actions" building a territory. It hurt then, and it still hurts today.

I've spent almost three decades learning, growing and developing what has become known as the SMT Method. A scientific system that almost a thousand people have utilized in the past decade to bring about the greatest amount of change in results in the shortest period of time.

I am committed to ensuring you receive the Growth Tools , Actionable Systems for Success , Support , Inspiration , Motivation , and Accountability to keep you on track, regardless of the situations and circumstances surrounding you.

I love living my life purpose in helping realtors GROW their business and live with more FREEDOM.

I want to show you how to close the gap between what you know, and the actions your taking.

We will accomplish this together through developing Unique Systems of Accelerating Habits, which has proven time and again to help shift the conditioning causing limitation,

You can be assured to quickly begin noticing opportunities that are presently passing you by and achieve greater results for your efforts. And as a result, you will begin experiencing more success! Not only in your business, but in every area of your life!

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